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5 Great Ways To Add Natural Elements To Your Home

With the rise of modular kitchens, modern furniture, and high-tech decors, it becomes very refreshing to forget all that and just add natural elements to your home. We’re not talking full farmhouse or beach house designs, but rather adding a hint of nature here and there to take out any monotony from modern designs.

This little design choice is not a trend, nor is it something innovative. Natural decors, flooring and furniture are as old as can be and simply give a house more of a homey feeling.

For design trends that look great with natural elements, you can approach your local interior designer. If you want something that doesn’t cost you a cent, read on.

A fish swimming freely in an aquarium. Pebbles lining the floor add an aesthetic that works well with adding nature to your home.

  1. Nature at Your Table

Modular kitchens are great. They look neat and save you space. However, you can always spice things up with a little touch of nature.

Add life to your kitchen counters or tables… literally! Great additions to your home would be Aquariums if you like taking care of fish. You can even try adding Terrariums using stones you collect from a beach or mountain vacation; to do this, simply arrange stones in a decorative bowl, put them on the table and you are good to go.

  1. Wood Flooring

Adding a natural element to your home can be as simple as choosing wood flooring instead of tiles. The elegant simplicity makes it a popular choice for interior designers. Apart from floors, cabinets, decorative items and furniture mainly use wood.

If in doubt, you can even choose to use wood for only some parts of the house. There are many options available in the market nowadays such as oak or pine. Just be sure to leave your wood stained without painting it to retain the organic look.

  1. Brick Walls

Brick walls are no longer just raw walls that need to be covered. Exposing your brick wall gives your home a natural look and can even complement your painted walls.

If this is too much, you can try just adding bricks as decoration. This can look good when stacked beside your walls or as a bookshelf. When done this way, your bricks can stand out and change the feel of that part of your home.

A small decorative fountain. Similar designs work well as tabletops for your living room.

  1. Water Fixtures

When you feel brick walls and wooden floors won’t cut it, consider a slate water wall or decorative fountain for your home. Wherever relaxation can happen, the water element helps give the place a more natural and relaxing feel by imitating a waterfall.

Fountains can either be tabletop decors or a fixture attached to the wall. Water fixtures also work well in corporate office spaces to add a zen or soothing element to it.

  1. Plants

Plants at home are quite common as table or room decors. You can try twisting things up by adding herb plants in your kitchen. It is only fair for your kitchen to smell like herbs and spices especially with your new plants in place. Just be sure to put the plants where they can catch enough light near the windows. Plants make for great natural elements, just not dead ones!

Another way to use plants is by hanging them in a room, putting these on top of living room tables or on vanity tables. A succulent or cactus makes for a nice centerpiece or table decor since you don’t have to keep maintaining them.

All the advancements in design and technology can make our life convenient, but there will always be room for some comfort in nature.

Looking for design ideas to add natural elements to your home or office? Our team in Cebu City, Philippines can help you out and check in with you. Feel free to contact us for a consultation!

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