Jars neatly piled in uniform shelves. Everything can be seen and accessed easily from where they are.

Modern Space-Saving Kitchen Solutions To Make Your Guests Envy You

Modular kitchen designs are known to pack everything together in a neat and efficient, space-saving fashion. When everything is organized, you can feel comfortable bringing in guests, things can be found more easily, and you can just feel better about yourself.

However, keeping the whole kitchen sparkling clean is no easy task. Many struggle with finding a neat spot to put things in. With this, let’s talk about some creative ways to make some extra storage in the kitchen.

Although there are many fancy cabinets available in the market to take care of your space-saving needs, there are also cheap ways to go around this. Sometimes, you can repurpose some old items in the house and sometimes, you can make something entirely new from old parts. Whatever the case, let’s take a look at how you can impress everyone who comes in your house with the creative ways you make use of kitchen space.


  1. Customize drawers and cabinets for maximum space-saving

When you’re fond of getting the best utensils and kitchenware, pre-made organizers will not be enough. Customized drawers and cabinets will be perfect for you when it comes to smart storage solutions for your meticulous taste.

Customized cabinets also give you flexibility. The more modern designs already give you functionality so you can store different kinds of accessories and materials.


Cutlery organized neatly in a wooden drawer with sub-sections makes it easier to find what is needed.


  1. Retractable drawers

This is a good solution for cabinets loaded with cleaning supplies. When all kinds of bottles are in one cabinet, it can be hard to keep everything in place. Having retractable drawers allows you to pull out the drawer entirely so you can take things and easily return them in the proper place.


  1. Rotating cabinets

Tight corners is a challenge in interior design for any home. It is the goal of designers to figure out how to maximize every inch of space without sacrificing anything.  A common solution to this is using rotating cabinets. This way, nothing is out of reach.


A lady standing on the ceiling looks disturbed. A cabinet remains open beside her in an otherwise organized kitchen.


  1. Use tension rods to create sections

Dead space is on top of the Don’t list when designing just about anything. Using tension rods can be better than simply adding more shelves especially for items like rolls of paper towels, baking paper, etc. You can maximize space for other things without making the entire cabinet seem cramped.

  1. Maximize the back of cabinet doors

Now that you’ve added sections and got rid of dead space, let us do you one better – use the back of cabinet doors. You can hang small pots, strainers, graters, etc. Another creative way to do this is use the back as a board where you can list all the groceries you need to buy using chalk.


  1. De-clutter your kitchen

After you consider everything modern and efficient, it always pays to go back to basics. De-clutter your kitchen. Yes, this isn’t modern or creative, but this always helps because all the kitchen technology in the world would be useless without a certain sense of order. This way, your things won’t need too much moving around, and most of the things can stay where they are. A bonus is you can always be sure to find what you’re looking for in the same spot.

Hanging pots and pans can be a simple way to make this easier. Put the most used item closest to you and the less used ones higher up.


There you have it; 6 easy ways to tweak your kitchen, save space, save time looking for everything in your cabinets, and feel more at ease when staying in your kitchen. Did you have another space-saving tip in mind? Let us know in the comments section below!

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