• A cart with a bottle of water and a few glasses on a cart. The potted plant adds green to the white background.

    5 Great Ways To Add Natural Elements To Your Home

    With the rise of modular kitchens, modern furniture, and high-tech decors, it becomes very refreshing to forget all that and just add natural elements to your home. We’re not talking full farmhouse or beach house designs, but rather adding a hint of nature here and there to take out any monotony from modern designs. This little design choice is not a trend, nor is it something innovative. Natural decors, flooring and furniture are as old as can be and simply give a house more of a homey feeling. For design trends that look great with natural elements, you can approach your local interior designer. If you want something that doesn’t…

  • A message on a chair. Thinking out of the box for your kitchen design makes the kitchen seems bigger than it is.

    Utilize Your Space With These Clever Kitchen Design Ideas

    How do you know more about someone you just met? Try taking a look at their kitchen design. Noone wants to be judged, but the kitchen simply has a way to capture the character of the home and its owner. In 2018, the innovations in modular kitchen design are so abundant that homeowners sometimes have a hard time choosing the right one for them. On top of this, trends today give so much emphasis on saving space because you can never seem to have enough. With this, here are some simple ways you can design your kitchen for maximum space: Opt for a Corner Sink Kitchen corners have always been…

  • Kitchen Cabinet

    Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Modular Kitchen

    We live in a fast –paced world where functional modular cabinets becomes more and more important when designing your modular kitchen. When it comes to functionality, modular kitchens are the way to go. This is not to say that your kitchen should be some kind of factory. When done right, your modular kitchen can be an efficient work-space while still being a welcoming place for your guests. However, setting it up is not as simple as going to your local modular cabinet maker and buying the stuff you want. The easy solution would be to consult your interior designer and trusting their advice. With this, we came up with a…

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