• Jars neatly piled in uniform shelves. Everything can be seen and accessed easily from where they are.

    Modern Space-Saving Kitchen Solutions To Make Your Guests Envy You

    Modular kitchen designs are known to pack everything together in a neat and efficient, space-saving fashion. When everything is organized, you can feel comfortable bringing in guests, things can be found more easily, and you can just feel better about yourself. However, keeping the whole kitchen sparkling clean is no easy task. Many struggle with finding a neat spot to put things in. With this, let’s talk about some creative ways to make some extra storage in the kitchen. Although there are many fancy cabinets available in the market to take care of your space-saving needs, there are also cheap ways to go around this. Sometimes, you can repurpose some…

  • A modular kitchen cabinet maximizing storage space under the sink and another one under the oven. The appliance is purposefully placed there for efficiency.

    The Top 5 Trends In Modular Kitchen Cabinet Design

    A modular kitchen cabinet can be responsible for much of your home remodeling goals. Now, you may imagine this to involve just wood, marble, stainless steel finishing, etc. In recent years, this is no longer the case especially with modular cabinets. Nowadays, smart technology is becoming quite a trend. On top of this, we now live in a decade where kitchen makeovers demand serious decorating. People are now turning their attention to beautifully crafted kitchen furniture. Modular kitchen designs are shaping how houses and offices are being made. This makes customization and stylishness a lot easier to do to open up customers to a wide variety of options. With this…

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    Five Considerations Before Buying Your Modular Kitchen Cabinets

    In this day and age, Modular kitchens are no longer just for cooking your food. With the right modular kitchen cabinets, you can make it the heart of your home where you can entertain guests. Getting furniture purely for functionality may not leave you satisfied with just getting functional furniture pieces. It wouldn’t hurt to incorporate some finesse to your designs while maintaining functionality. A little thought and planning can really go a long way. Modular kitchen cabinets may just be the trendy solution you need to make that warm and inviting kitchen you always wanted. Here are some of our suggestions for transforming your kitchen into your home’s main attraction:…

  • A stove is being cleaned using a towel. The stainless steel stove looks spotless.

    The Best Way to Clean Kitchen Cabinets

    The best way to clean kitchen cabinets, or any cabinet for that matter, is good old fashion TLC. Oftentimes, warm water, a diluted all-purpose cleaner, and tough scrubbing will do the trick. However, this process can drastically change based on your cabinet surface. Below, you will find the best ways to clean wood, painted and metal kitchen cabinets.   There are few areas of your home more exposed to dirt, grease and bacteria than your kitchen cabinets. Children closing and opening kitchen cabinets, grease from cooking or condensation from outside temperatures all affect your cabinets, requiring you to clean them on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Materials to Clean…

  • A.R. Kitchen Cabinet Design

    Website Cabinet Launching Sale

    Website Cabinet Promo We are proud to officially launch our website – www.arkitchencabinet.com For our launch, we are offering our products and services at 10% off. Products and services include the fabrication and installation of kitchen, office and home furniture. More details can be found on our site. FREE products will be given away to our customers. Please see the promo mechanics for more details. We are one of the first modular cabinet makers company in Cebu to give freebies outright. No hidden conditions! Call us now so we can cater to your renovation needs and avail of freebies at the same time. Contact us now Promo Mechanics Any project…

  • A stove is being cleaned using a towel. The stainless steel stove looks spotless.

    Thinking of Modular Furniture For Your Kitchen? Here Are the Measurements You’ll Need

    Are you building a new house? Or moving to a new one? If the answer is yes, you may already be thinking of what modular furniture to put or customized – and how everything should look like from the living room to the kitchen and maybe even the backyard. In this case, let’s talk about your dream kitchen. It will always start with some rough idea in your head and a wish that it would just come to life without all the nitty-gritty. However, this will definitely not be the case. That will not be necessarily a bad thing as long as we have all the tools for planning. Proper…

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