Ten Unique Ways To Tweak Your Kitchen Cabinet Design

As kitchen cabinet design continues to evolve, different styles are coming out for modular kitchen cabinets. Although many styles do not seem to get old, more are becoming more and more mainstream while others are getting known for unique twists to known styles.

A key thing to notice in new styles is their play with space. This stems from the need to keep the kitchen both functional and stylish since it is now one of the focal points of any home. Kitchens without upper wall cabinets are starting to become more of a trend in the recent years as it makes the place look brighter and more spacious.

Though many styles are considered mainstream, this does not mean they are boring. There are many simple ways to liven up a kitchen. When using wood, for example, you can rough cut them or use different kinds to add variety to the aesthetics. Another way to really spice things up is by using a natural stone look for the tiles.

When all is said and done, your kitchen can never really be limited by a certain style. With this, let’s take a look some ways you can truly make unique modular kitchen cabinet designs:

  1. A Twist on Classic Design

    Add hidden details to make a twist on a classic look. A diamond-patterned mesh cabinet design will do the job nicely.

Diamond mesh patterns take after diamond wired fences. Adopting industrial styles helps to give a twist to otherwise classic looks.


  1. Rose Gold Hardware

    Play with color. If the goal is to add a feminine touch to the kitchen cabinet design, try using Rose Gold as an alternative to the usual brass for your hardware.


  1. Bold Colors

    Want to keep it simple? A sleek cabinet design would be a great choice. You can use bold colors to contrast natural light that gets into your kitchen. This way, your color choices will seem brighter than they are even if it is black.

    On the other hand, you can choose to go all black. Adding a brass countertop makes the whole place feel warm and antique.


A black cabinet beside a chair. It makes use of an otherwise empty space and adds functionality to the place.


  1. Stainless Steel and Gray Cabinet Design

    Fancy stainless steel hardware? Try using gray cabinets to complement these. This also helps to reduce heavy contrasts between black and white areas of the kitchen.

    More than just appliances, you can try stainless steel cabinets. This makes the place look even more industrial and sleek at the same time.


  1. Glass on Cabinets

    If you want an elegant kitchen, try adding glass doors to your cabinets. You can even use a glass pattern so no one can notice mess inside the cabinets. This also works for showing off your dinnerware. If showing off dinnerware is not your thing, you can also use opaque glass to cover what’s inside while maintaining the elegant look.


A white cabinet with glass shows its inner contents that double as decors. The furniture pairs well with the white cabinet.


  1. White Cabinets

    Whether it’s a modern or rustic look you’re going for, neutral colors like white or dark white help you achieve this without making the place look cluttered. On the other hand, if you feel white is too mainstream, you can go for a turquoise hue to liven up the place.


  1. Elevated Cabinet Design

    Looking for a cleaning hack? Try an elevated cabinet design. This way, dust and crumbs don’t accumulate in the bottom. A bonus is that light can go through from under the cabinets to make the kitchen look even brighter. Additionally, you can use a glossy finish to bounce even more light around.

An elevated cabinet allows for less crouching when reaching for certain drawers. It also looks smaller as light can pass under.


  1. Sliding Cabinets

    Space-saving is all the rage when it comes to kitchen cabinetry. Wooden Japanese-style cabinets help save space by sliding open rather than swinging out.


We hope this guide helps you with your design ideas. Though these are based on some of the trends today, your preferences and creativity will always play the bigger role in designing your kitchen and cabinets.

Need help with picking the right style for your modular kitchen? Contact us and let us know!

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