A message on a chair. Thinking out of the box for your kitchen design makes the kitchen seems bigger than it is.

Utilize Your Space With These Clever Kitchen Design Ideas

How do you know more about someone you just met? Try taking a look at their kitchen design. Noone wants to be judged, but the kitchen simply has a way to capture the character of the home and its owner.

In 2018, the innovations in modular kitchen design are so abundant that homeowners sometimes have a hard time choosing the right one for them. On top of this, trends today give so much emphasis on saving space because you can never seem to have enough. With this, here are some simple ways you can design your kitchen for maximum space:

  1. Opt for a Corner Sink

Kitchen corners have always been a pain point for homeowners.  A great way to make your experience in the kitchen corner better  is by putting sinks in the corner. Although this will be more expensive, it will be worth it especially when people get busy in your kitchen. Technology is evolving to make manufacturing corner sinks possible in more countries around the world so this should make things easier for homeowners.

A pair of hands being washed under the kitchen sink. Assorted plastic fruits can be seen in the background.

  1. Modern Kitchen Design: Drawer Systems

Tired of cluttered drawers? Rushing with meal preparations has never been more frustrating than when everything is not in the proper place. The struggle has always been real.

Put up drawer systems in your kitchen and enjoy the new modern and organized life! This way, you can put all kinds of attachments to organize utensils, pots and pans so you will never have to lose sight your favorite kitchen tools.

Kitchen design includes even the most minute aspects like the dish rack. The rack here holds an assorted set of dishes.

  1. Dish Drying Cabinet

Doing the dishes is a chore homeowners want to minimize. A clever way to do this is by adding a dish drying rack on top of your sink. Not only is it more convenient since water will just go into the sink below, but doing this also makes the dishes blend well with the rest of the kitchen’s design. The logic here is to make the best use of vertical space. The same can be done where this is applicable anywhere else in the kitchen.

  1. Pull Out Cabinets

Can’t seem to make good use of all the space in your cabinets? Pull out cabinets allow for better accessibility and ergonomics. You don’t have to kneel down just to get a clearer look at the items inside and you can even take heavier items out with more ease. If you can go for bigger cabinets where more things can be stored, go for it (as long as this means you can use fewer cabinets in the kitchen).

  1. Wine Glass Rack

When you feel your glassware isn’t getting the space they deserve, try hanging them in a rack. Doing so lets you hit two birds with one stone – you can easily get the glasses whenever you need them without sorting through a cabinet’s contents and save a cabinet space so other things can be stored.

Lastly, you can save money doing this since you wouldn’t need another cabinet to hang the glasses. The rack can just be installed right below a top cabinet. Just be sure to take the right materials so the combined weight is considered.

There you have it; five ways to tweak your modular kitchen design for utilizing space. How did you make your kitchen design for best use of space? Any new space-saving trick you’d like to share? Feel free to tell us below in the comments section!

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